Tobi Neumann: Modular Sound Synthesis

Are you experienced in modular systems? Do you want to know which module brings your sound to the forefront? Do terms like „VCO“, „VCA“, „Filter“, „Envelopes“, „CV“ and  „Gates“ attract your attention?

Kursthemen // Synopsis

  • VCAs & Lowpass Gates
  • comparison of different applications
  • comparison between Eastcoast - Westcoast
  • sound examples
  • frequency modulation, the essence of sound design
  • linear and exponential frequency modulation
  • CV mixing (i.e. LFOs), audio mixing
  • why it is useful that a VCO has several CV-entrances
  • useful add additional features for your modular setup
  • utilities: mixers, attenuator, offsets
  • synchronisation, clock deviding and multiplying
  • how does different equipment in one setup run free flowing
  • Life examples at Apollo Studio

Tobi Neumann will be using Ableton Live.

Kursziel // Goal

After finishing this class you are able to build advanced patches and use modules the right way.

Über den Tutor // About Tutor

Tobi Neumann is a german Techno-DJ legend and producer of electronic music.

He was involved in numberless tracks like „Kaltes klares Wasser“ from Chicks on Speed, „Sexy Girl“ from 2Raumwohnung, „Mind Games“ from Sven Väth as well as movie soundtracks of „Fußball ist unser leben“, „Mädchen Mädchen“ and „Tatort“.

Seminar Details

Starts2016/10/25, 11:00am
Ends2016/10/25, 05:00pm
Skill Level Advanced
Net Duration 6 hours
Course Fee 599,00€
Location Riverside Studios, Apollo Studio
Apply Until 2016/10/23, 11:59pm