Tobi Neumann: Modular Sound Synthesis

Are you experienced in modular systems? Do you want to know which module brings your sound to the forefront? Do terms like „VCO“, „VCA“, „Filter“, „Envelopes“, „CV“ and  „Gates“ attract your attention?

Pan-Pot: Next Level DJ Performance

Are you a Dj and would you like to make your performances more advanced? Do you want to learn how to optimize your preparation regarding to your music selection?
Are you interested in the formula of succes of B2B? Do you want to get a deep insight into the management and the booking work? Do you have the dream to play together with Pan-Pot in the legendary Watergate Club in Berlin?

Oliver Laib: Improving your Production Worfklow

Do you want to improve your productivity and make the best out of your recording and mixing session structure?
Manage your tracks and your sampler instruments better?

There’s gotta be an easier way…!