Robin Schellenberg

Describing the sound, sonics and aesthetic of Robin Schellenberg’s music, one could tend easily to use bold headlines as „Melodic Techno“ or „Deep House“ with a love for „Downtempo“ – but there is more to it: in between the kicks, the free forming patterns and tracks, it becomes alive and spans vividly over these genres. His productions oscillate between a soft dystopian void full of sweeping build up’s, that drift endlessly into an infinite sky, twisting from a warm unisono into harsher electronics, to break down into perfectly saturated beats, that house themselves in the mid-tempo field, referencing minimal grooves from contemporary downbeat productions. Even if we are not talking about dark techno here, Robin loves its aesthetic and manages to translate them into his music, without drifting into cold industrial repetition – it’s more a deep yearning for the horizon, pulling the dancer forward with soft melancholy. In his DJ-Set’s he brings all these parts together, roaming from 110 – 126 bpm, blending organic downbeat with heavy sweeping bangers, to slowly lead his dancefloor into a sweet and endless decay.

Robin Schellenberg made his first steps into music when he was 16. In 2004 Robin moved from Frankfurt am Main to Berlin and began to discover the infamous electronic music scene of the capital city. In his early time in Berlin, Robin was running a recording studio in Kreuzberg, played in different underground bands and started some of his first electronic projects. After focusing for many years on creating and managing cultural spaces, he released as „Bonze & Krösus“ on Acker Records and Symbiont-Music. Schellenberg also played several gigs in clubs like Kater Holzig, About Blank, Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke, Wilde Renate and festivals like Fusion at Bachstelzen stage. After a short hiatus, Schellenberg came back to making music in 2017, when he became part of the Riverside Studios in Berlin along Tobi Neumann, Martin Eyerer, Gheist, Pan-Pot, just to name a few. At the minute he is running a studio there with his friend Daniele Di Martino. In the beginning of 2018 Robin co-founded the record label „Kamai Music“ with his fellows Jacob Groening, Zigan Aldi, Bonfante & Robert Helms known as Umami. His debut track „Elnath“ was released at Mono.Noise under his real name “Robin Schellenberg” in the beginning of 2019.

Booking: Claudia Marquardt via


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