Maya Postepski

Maya Postepski is a Canadian musician and producer from Toronto, now based in Berlin. She has been making music for over twenty years, best known as drummer of the electronic group Austra (Domino). She co-founded, co-produced and internationally toured the first 3 albums with Austra- including the Juno and Polaris Prize nominated Feel It Break.

She is a multi-instrumentalist, prolific remix artist and DJ. In 2012 Maya co-wrote and produced the highly acclaimed, Juno nominated cult album TRST with Robert Alfons as TR/ST. The duo reunited to collaborate on the highly anticipated third album, The Destroyer, Part I and II. She was also featured as a vocalist on Egyptrixxʼs Chrysalis Records (Night Slugs).

In 2017 she stopped touring with Austra to focus on producing and DJing as a solo artist. Maya performs solo under the title Princess Century.
Her third solo album Surrender was released Oct. 2021. It was made at two polarizing geographic locations- Estonia’s acclaimed Narva Artist Residency at the Russian border, and in the Sahara Desert. It was mixed + mastered by fellow Riverside resident Julia Borelli. Julia and Maya also produced the explosive album Stand  by Dyan Valdéz.

Moving beyond the typical role of a DJ/Producer, Maya creates a vast array of music ranging from pop, to ambient and minimal techno. She is also actively involved in curating and consulting for dance pieces, fashion shows, installation work and film scores.  She produced the album Forever by Belgian’s superstars Soldout and Plastic Heart by Ghost Twin. She regularly collaborates with Berlinʼs Magic Island and Galya Chikiss and has a new duo, 6AM with seasoned Belgian producer Antilope.

Maya was invited to participate in the 2018 session of the Berlinale Talents program as a film composer, and scored Leonie Krippendorffʼs highly acclaimed feature film, Kokon, which premiered at Berlinale 2020. She also scored Stephen Dunnʼs Closet Monster which won Best Canadian feature at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Maya is also active as a DJ in some of the most renown international venues including Tresor, Paradiso, The Button Factory, Club Revier, Powerhouse Moscow, OT301, Suicide Circus, Razzmatazz etc. She also appears as a live performer and DJʼs regularly at festivals, queer parties, and has a regular slot at Brusselʼs Kiosk Radio.

She is currently playing live drums and synthesizers with Emel Mathlouthi and Peaches.

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